Acronyms used in this policy

TCB: Total Care Book
SaaS: Software as a Service
Portal: The Total Care Book portal used by medical institutions, medical professionals, laboratory technicians and pharmacists
Product: The TCB portal – Software as a Service (SaaS) product

Types of information collected

Personal, Contacts, Identifications, Addresses, Medical, Fingerprints, Iris, Business information


The TCB portal is a patient medical information management and collaborative software which is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). The TCB portal ( is developed and maintained by TalentFiver – a software development business in the Ahmedabad city of the Gujarat state in India. The text on this page outlines our privacy policy in regards to but is not limited to the information collection and use, logging, data retention, monitoring, links to third party websites etc. Please read this policy carefully. TCB reserves the right to edit/amend this policy at any time without prior notice.

Information collection

This product collects various entities of the above mentioned all the types of information at various events and stages. Such information is collected by medical and/or clerical staff of the TCB approved organizations. Such information is also maintained and updated by these staff at different times.

Information storage

Information collected by staff members of TCB approved organizations is stored on cloud infrastructure which is purchased by TalentFiver from Amazon Web Services.

Information access

TCB approved organizations maintain a list of active operators/users within their organization. These operators/users are granted access to the above mentioned collected information based on their role in the organization. TalentFiver is not responsible for maintaining the list of active operators/users in any such organization and therefore their roles to access the information as well. Access to these information via any other means is restricted.

Information use

Active operators/users of any TCB approved organisation and in turn, the organisation itself access and use the above-mentioned information to provide their relevant health care services which can be of direct or indirect nature. Active operators/users of any TCB approved organisation can access above mentioned collected information for any particular individual only when they have access to the TCB card and the assigned security code to that card OR when they know TCB registered personal information for that individual OR using bio-metrics (fingerprints and/or Iris) of that individual. Business information may be used to contact a particular organisation for use to provide or enhance our services. Contact information of any individual may be used by the Total Care Book and/or TalentFiver in order to provide/enhance the experience of our service.

Information disclosure

We declare that we will not disclose any of the above mentioned collected information that can personally identify any individual to any other third party private or government entities unless requested in writing by the law and enforcement authorities.


We take privacy very seriously and have latest technological security measures in place to protect the information we collect and store.

Changes to this policy

We review our privacy policy from time to time and we reserve the right to update it. Any changes to this policy will be published on our website.

Contacting us

If you feel to contact us in regards to privacy matters, please email us on