Total Care Book - Medical Facilities

How is Total Care Book helpful to us – we, the people!

Core pillars of the Total Care Book includes people of the community. Main purpose of the Total Care Book is to store patient’s medical information at a centrally located space so that whenever you visit any doctor any time, it is made available to them in a controlled fashion – Your medical information travels with you wherever you go!

Medical Records From Birth to Eternal End

Total Care Book is virtually a central space to store your medical records from ideally your birth to your eternal end. You do not have to do anything extra from what you are doing today. Total Care Book is integrated with clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. Health care processes are documented while you receive your care, so everything is documented without being said.

Medical records travel with you wherever you go!

Because Total Care Book is a cloud based system, you do not have to carry piles of medical records with you. Your records are stored in a virtually central space from where it can be accessed by authorised personnel whenever required. Bye to all paper based medical files!


Single global unique medical identity

Total Care Book assigns your personal profile a global unique identifier by which your medical records will be identified. Once you register with Total Care Book, we will send you a TCB card which will have the details of that identifier which will be displayed in the form of a number, a barcode and a QR code.

Clinics, hospitals, laboratories & pharmacies interconnected

We have a vision and have taken an initiative to interconnect all the clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies so that you are able to use the unique global identifier (the TCB card) wherever you go. We realise that it is a big task to interconnect all organisations and therefore we seek your patience while we do it.

Biometrics in place for unforseen circumstances

If you have enrolled your fingerprint, iris and face with Total Care Book, the system can identify your medical records based on that in case you are unable to produce TCB card or any form of identification in unforseen circumstances.

Medical records available 24 hours 7 days a week!

Your treating doctor and organisation can access your current as well as past medical records 24 hours 7 days a week. There is no downtime anytime!