Total Care Book - Medical Facilities

Clinics, Small to Medium Scale Hospitals, Multi-Speciality Corporate Hospitals And Medical Staff

Core pillars of the Total Care Book ecosystem are medical facilities and medical staff. By using Total Care Book, medical organisations like clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies are not only helping themselves by getting relevant patient information on time every time, but also achieving directional approach towards their medical care and helping the people of the community in maintaining those medical records which in-turn helps them again. It is a cyclic process which benefits everyone.

Medical facilities and personnel do not have to do anything extra from what they are used to doing today. Total Care Book is designed for the smallest possible clinic to hyper active multi-speciality hospitals. Let’s help each other!

Zero Install !

Total Care Book is a cloud based ecosystem! You do not have to install any kind of software to run TCB. Zero install is what we call it. Normal spec PC and an internet connection is what this system needs.

24 / 7 * 365

Total Care Book is available 24 hours, 7 days for all year around. Cloud based system and our strategic maintenance plans makes it possible to have the system available for you all the time.

Zero Maintenance Cost!

We host, maintain and update the Total Care Book and make it available to you all the time. Organisations do not bear any cost in this regards.

Portability as high as it goes!

Total Care Book is portable enough for your ease. Access the TCB portal using your desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile phones using our web based portal, android application or iOS application. We do have our own device integrated with fingerprint reader for you to facilitate biometric identification of your patients.

Speech to text - save your time, increase productivity and accuracy

Total Care Book portal is equipped with speech to text wherever required in order to save your time, increase productivity and get more work done accurately.

Available 24 hours 7 days a week!

Total Care Book is available all year round 24 hours a day. No downtime anytime! This is only so that you can access medical records for patients anytime whenever required.

Identify your patients using TCB cards and Biometrics

Within Total Care Book, there are various methods you can use to identify your patients and their medical files along with past medical history.

– Total Care Book cards – using Barcode, QR code or the TCB number printed on the cards
– Fingerprint
– Using Total Care Book advanced search for medical profiles

Clinics, hospitals, laboratories & pharmacies interconnected

We have a vision and have taken an initiative to interconnect all the clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies so that your patients are able to use the unique global identifier (the TCB card) wherever they go. We realise that it is a big task to interconnect all organisations and therefore we seek your patience while we do it.

Integrated messaging

Total Care Book messaging includes contacting patients via SMS and/or email at various stages of patient care life-cycle. The system identifies a milestone and schedules a messaging event automatically.Total Care Book also provides integrated messaging service for it’s users. This will make it easier to contact their colleagues and other people using Total Care Book through integrated address book and search functionality.

Graphical representations

Graphical representations within various sections of medical file proves to be useful in quick understanding of any situation.

Migrate your current data

We help organisations migrate their current patient data and medical files into Total Care Book so that when you start with Total Care Book, you already access your current data through Total Care Book.

Integrated billing

Total Care Book provides integrated billing for the patient care life-cycle. Billing with minimal human intervention is what you get for improved accuracy.

Complex workflows whilst being simple to use

Total Care Book has incorporated some of the complex workflows of multi-speciality as well as large organisations whilst facing itself as intuitive and simple to use for all types of organisations.