How is Total Care Book useful to me as general public?

Total Care Book hosts medical records for any individual from their registration with Total Care Book till their eternal death. All this information can be accessed by medical personnel whenever you visit a doctor in any clinic or hospital – whether within your city or anywhere. You do not have to store or carry any medical files / reports with you because we do it for you and make it available whenever required. Total Care Book is designed and develop to help not only doctors and medical community but people in general. We strive our best to keep up with the technology and use it for the people.

How can I be identified within Total Care Book?

Whenever you register with Total Care Book at any medical facility, we will send you your healthcare identification card which will have your Total Care Book number and a security code. It is a unique number assigned to your profile and that identifies you within Total Care Book.

How secure is the medical information and other data stored with Total Care Book?

Security and privacy is something we take very seriously. Due to the sensitive nature of the medical information and other data we collect, we use state of the art security technologies to guard this information and make it available in a safe and controlled fashion. Be rest assured, this is what we do and we are powerful in protecting your data with current technologies and we also update Total Care Book as and when required / needed. We want you to spend the much needed time to care for yourself whilst we take care of your data.

What if Total Care Book is not available with my doctor?

As we are still in the implementation phase of the effort to link all the doctors, laboratories and pharmacies, you may find that your doctor may not have access to Total Care Book. In such cases, you can still receive medical care manually as what you do today and later on you can ask other doctors having access to Total Care Book to integrate your information with your Total Care Book medical file.

Why does Total Care Book take my personal information?

We take your personal information in order to identify you and help medical personnel provide the best medical care possible. We use this information in order to communicate you at various stages when you are receiving medical care.

Does Total Care Book share our personal and/or medical information with anyone else?

We take this opportunity to state very clear that we do not share any kind of information we store with any third party authorities. Information has never been shared in the past and we take all the steps necessary in order to prevent and/or stop for anything such to happen in the future. We are responsible and liable to provide any information if requested by the country’s law enforcement agencies and/or government – if the request we receive is in writing, signed and stamped by relevant department.