How is Total Care Book useful for me as a doctor or other medical staff?

There are lot of benefits for you as a doctor or other medical staff to use Total Care Book. Some of them includes the following;

  • View medical information about your patient – not only from your past consultations with this patient but also from consultations by other doctors.
  • Medical information linked and displayed in an intuitive way in order to understand and grasp quickly.
  • Due to availability of above information and being able to access it easily, it will expedite your diagnosis and put your health care process in a proper directional approach.
  • Graphical representations wherever required
  • Integrated radiology scans viewer which helps the doctor to get an overall idea about the prescribed radiology.
  • In certain circumstances where you can not identify a patient – use patient fingerprint links to patient medical / personal profile to easily get an idea about past medical history
  • Fully integrated billing modules which we think is not only paper less but also does not require any human intervention in ideal scenarios.
  • Medical forums where you can share medical cases, get opinions about medical care, read about other complex cases, etc.
  • Total Care Book communicates to your patient via SMS and emails whenever required. Example: upon the follow up date you advised to your patient. This brings an emotional touch to patient care.
  • Total Care Book stores everything in the cloud – a virtually central location. This enables you to access whatever is required anytime.
  • Total Care Book is portable – it is available on your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

There are many other benefits that can be added to the above list. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more or require any clarifications.

What details about the doctor/hospital/clinic is displayed when other doctors view past medical history of any patient?

We clearly understand privacy of every individual and take it very seriously. We only display information which is medically important to know in order to proceed with current medical care. All other information like identification of the doctor / clinic / hospital is not displayed cross organisations.

How does Total Care Book integrate with clinics/hospitals working under different circumstances?

Total Care Book is designed to integrate well and easily with hospitals/clinics from different domains. Nevertheless, if you think that you require any additional feature that would work great in benefiting the medical community and the community in general, we would be more than happy to integrate it with Total Care Book. Please contact us whenever you require it.

Does Total Care Book require any special hardware or software to get implemented in any hospital / clinic?

Total Care Book is a cloud based system and can be accessed using any standard web browser on your PC or laptop. Only things required to access Total Care Book is a PC or a laptop and an internet connection.

Can I access Total Care Book using my mobile?

Yes, Total Care Book currently has an Android Application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. We are working on creating a brand new application for iOS which should be available shortly.

How is Total Care Book accessed?

Total Care Book is a cloud based system which you can access using any standard web browser on your PC or laptop. Whenever your organisation registers with Total Care Book, it should then be able to create a user which will generate an Access Code and a Passcode with the help of which you should be able to log in to the system.

How secure is the medical information and other data stored with Total Care Book?

Security and privacy is something we take very seriously. Due to the sensitive nature of the medical information and other data we collect, we use state of the art security technologies to guard this information and make it available in a safe and controlled fashion. Be rest assured, this is what we do and we are powerful in protecting your data with current technologies and we also update Total Care Book as and when required / needed. We want you to spend the much needed time to care for yourself whilst we take care of your data.