Collaborative platform – EHR and HMS

The medical industry is advancing at a rapid state on day to day basis and the same is true for different types of systems and devices associated with the industry. There is always growing need for sophisticated system which can manage the medical facility and patient medical data. There comes in picture, the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Hospital Management System (HMS).

Industry analysers and medical scientists has always sighted numerous benefits in using a proper EHR and HMS. There are huge advantages in using such a system. Benefits include improved quality of patient medical data maintained by any medical facility and thereby increasing the quality of patient care, accessibility and availibility of that data at any given point of time, it greatly decreases the need to maintain bulky paper based medical records so that its access becomes easier and less error prone, it becomes easy to establish and maintain different medical workflows, easy to colloborate with other medical / non-medical organisations, etc.

Total Care Book is one such system which goes well beyond the boundaries to not only establish itself as a successful EHR and HMS, but a total ecosystem! It cover each and every steps, departments, processes, worflows and much more that helps a medical facility provide quality medical care to their patients, manage the facility and become totally paperless or take their organisation to the next level of digitalization.

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