Welcome to the Total Care Book!

An Electronic Health Records(EHRs) and Hospital Management (HMS) ecosystem. Collaborative medical care between hospitals/clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and people in general is the key to this ecosystem.

Total Care Book is developed, hosted, maintained and updated by TalentFiver – a product development company in the Ahmedabad city of the Gujarat state in INDIA. We are proud to present before the medical community, this state of the art system, which not only silently stores electronic medical records, but also actively help in providing fast and directional medical care to the patients.

The use of electronic medical records(EMRs) is increasing day by day. Various organisations are recognising the opportunity within the domain and are already working on reaping the benefits. There are various hospital management systems and electronic records management systems available in the market which can assist in achieving different goals relevant to the organisation. They use latest technologies, are complex in nature, perform various functions and can be customised for any organisation.

However, they lack the core essence of the use of medical records not only undermining the benefits of proper medical records but also how it can benefit the community in general. Because of this, despite having electronic medical records and latest technologies, appropriate use of it at relevant times do not surface.

Total Care Book is not a medical records management system. It is an ecosystem! Of course it does help in managing electronic medical records but at the same time, it also defines the core and actual use case in collaborating with other organisations. Real time effort and practical medical scenarios has been considered while designing the whole system for optimal output and acceptance.

Evolution and pin point accuracy along with confidentiality, security and availability of the system are the key pillars upon which the whole system is built and we guarantee smooth operations and acceptance using Total Care Book.

Medical science evolves day by day with new discoveries, inventions, methodologies etc. Likewise, Total Care Book also evolves side by side and incorporates into it all those required and essential entities. It is a ‘living system’, i.e. it gets updated as well on regular basis.

We hope a smooth transition for your organisation in implementing Total Care Book and guarantee minimal disruptions during this process.


Total Care Book helps organise patient’s medical information at a centrally located global space through various channels like their doctors, nurses, pharmacies, laboratories, etc., make it available for yourself when it is much needed by your medical institution, secure it tightly using latest security technologies out there and digitally connect doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, etc – no matter where they are located. We continuously evolve with advancements in the medical industry and strive to be the best to serve the purpose.


Total Care Book drives the medical information ecosystem!
Our vision is to create, nourish and mature one and the only electronic health records (EHRs) and hospital management system (HMS) – the Total Care Book ecosystem! Securely holding people’s medical information and making it available in a controlled fashion whenever requested.Let us take the burden for all the papers and you take the much needed time to care for yourself.