• Totally Paperless Operations

    With Total Care Book, you can experience a streamlined transition from your paper-based operations to paperless!


  • Beautiful Visual Interface

    The interface is clear and simple, every action is straightforward. Minimal training is required for yourself and your staff


  • Truly Cloud Based

    Total Care Book is truly cloud based – Access it from your traditional desktop machine, laptop, tablets or mobile devices – any time, any where!


  • Welcome to Total Care Book

    An Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Hospital Management (HMS) ecosystem.

    Collaborative medical care between hospitals/clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and people in general is the key to this ecosystem.

    Total Care Book is developed, hosted, maintained and updated by TalentFiver – a product development company in the Ahmedabad city of the Gujarat state in INDIA. We are proud to present before the medical community, this state of the art system, which not only silently stores electronic medical records, but also actively help in providing fast and directional medical care to the patients.

    The use of electronic medical records (EMRs) is increasing day by day. Various organisations are recognising the opportunity within the domain and are already working on reaping the benefits. There are various hospital management systems and electronic records management systems available in the market which can assist in achieving different goals relevant to the organisation. They use latest technologies, are complex in nature, perform various functions and can be customised for any organisation.

    TCB drives the medical information ecosystem!

    Our vision is to create, nourish and mature one and the only electronic health records (EHRs) and hospital management system (HMS) – the Total Care Book ecosystem! Securely holding people’s medical information and making it available in a controlled fashion whenever requested.Let us take the burden for all the papers and you take the much needed time to care for yourself.

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    Why Choose Us

    Let us introduce you to a state of the art, fully functional, advanced and complex, rather simple to use electronic health records and hospital/clinic management software! – the Total Care Book. We help medical organisations go paperless in terms of their medical workflows or if they are already paperless, then we take them to the next level of digitisation.

    Globally Unique

    Get assigned a globally unique medical identifier to identify your medical profile

    Integrated Business Operations

    Experience an overall integrated patient care life cycle through Total Care Book

    24 / 7 * 365

    Total Care Book is available 24 hours, 7 days for all year around. Cloud based system and our strategic maintenance plans makes it possible to have the system available for you all the time.

    Medical Records From birth to the Eternal End

    Total Care Book stores medical records of your patients from their birth (or rather from their registration with Total Care Book) up till their eternal end. Medical facilities do not have to make an effort to retrieve past medical records. As and when patient’s consult with doctors, relevant past medical history and records turns up on the screen automatically.


    Secure but accessible

    While medical records are stored with the latest security technologies, they are easily accessible by relevant medical professionals in a controlled fashion whenever required.


    Cloud based electronic health records - access anywhere any time!

    Yes, Total Care Book is a cloud based ecosystem where by you can access it within your facility or from anywhere using a traditional computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone! The system never likes to be a barrier for medical professionals in terms of accessing medical information or providing medical


    Integrate intelligently!

    While medical records are stored with the latest security technologies, they are easily accessible by relevant medical professionals in a controlled fashion whenever required.